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39. Moonage Daydream [damonnuman]   (17.04.2019 02:02)
Thank you so much for this wonderful archive. It means so much to me. For years, it has been part of my David Bowie experience and I absolutely love it and greatly appreciate it.
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38. Lambrini Vitsa [moonagedaydream082936]   (04.02.2017 22:43)
thank you for the amazing Bowie pics nightspell  heart  you're the best!!!!!!!!  hands
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37. Nat   (21.01.2016 21:30) E-mail
Brilliant pictures, never enough of Bowie! May the Starman look at the humanity from somewhere up above the sky and continue to blow our minds away:)
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36. Volker K [ka6183-457]   (13.01.2016 18:44) E-mail
Dear my commpanion of style ,wisdom and very good Interviews.
Iwill miss you like a friend. My ache will be a long Time. Hope it all will be better soon!!
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35. peter driver driver [nelson]   (23.10.2012 22:06)
Brillant! thank you, great story about them on bww. Thanx again . i allways check in daily at least twice to see the updates . The site is fantastic! smile
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34. Night Spell [nightspell]   (23.10.2012 12:46)
they are back already smile
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33. peter driver driver [nelson]   (23.10.2012 12:34)
shame that the 1974 studio
photos have disapeared sad
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32. peter driver driver [nelson]   (11.08.2012 20:04)
love the new photos , a fantastic website, thank you . i keep checking in every day for the great updates!
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31. john summers [summertime]   (06.02.2012 22:23)
Fantastic site! 10/10 biggrin biggrin biggrin
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30. Grace N.   (13.10.2011 02:31)
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29. [LondonByeTaTa]   (21.05.2011 02:19) E-mail
I think I am in love with this site. It's AMAZING. Great job!! xx thumb
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28. Peter Gooren   (18.03.2011 19:03) E-mail
SUPERB site!!!!!!!!!!
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27. Anna Apreleva [anna_apreleva]   (20.01.2011 20:09) E-mail
спасибо за отличный сайт!))
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26. Night Spell [nightspell]   (17.01.2011 22:19)
diva, Pete, you're very welcome!

I'm glad that the gallery became something like the picture biography in some way rolleyes

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25. Pete   (16.01.2011 22:50)
Fantastic site, you really have done a wonderful job! thank you for sharing. a nice way to spend a few hours looking at photos of the man and all those stories behind the photos respect respect
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24. [diva]   (15.01.2011 20:50) E-mail
A very beautiful site, thank you for sharing all those pictures.
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23. Night Spell [nightspell]   (14.01.2011 04:26)
Anthony, I'm glad you've come smile
Richard, thanks for your support!
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22. Anthony [Ant]   (13.01.2011 22:41) E-mail
A very good Bowie website. Many thanks for letting me become a member cool
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21. [_richard]   (23.11.2010 19:18)
your uploads are simply fantasic!
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20. Night Spell [nightspell]   (24.09.2010 23:22)
Drunkyjunky, пожалуйста!
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