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On a way back home from Japan (by boat and train through Russia) Bowie arrived to Paris on the 3rd of May 1973 where he reunited with Angie and held a press conference. The next morning he oversleeped and missed the arranged train connection to Boulogne then he took the ferry to Boulogne and hovercraft back to England. Finally he arrived in Charing Cross Station (originally intended to be Victoria Station), London to be greeted by a crowd of well-wishers.

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Family & childhood
Early Bands
1965 - 1968
Mime & Feathers
Bowie by Gerald Fearnley
"Love You Till Tuesday"
1969 - 1970
On stage
1970 - 1971
First USA visit
Brian Ward: sessions
Haddon Hall sessions
1972 - 1973
Photo sessions
Brian Ward: Ziggy
Brian Duffy: sessions
Sukita: sessions 1972-73
Mick Rock: Haddon Hall
Mick Rock: sessions
Mick Rock: Ziggy on tour
Ziggy Stardust Tour
Dorchester Hotel
Rainbow Theatre
''Russell Harty Plus''
New York & Radio City
Ziggy in Japan
First USSR visit
Paris – London, May 1973
Earls Court '73
Mick Rock: UK tour '73
Roger Bamber, May 1973
The Retirement Gig
Ziggy's retirement party
Victoria Station
PinUps sessions
The 1980 Floor Show
1973 - 1975
Diamond Dogs
Rebel in Amsterdam
Terry O'Neill: sessions
Diamond Dogs Tour
Universal Amphitheatre '74
MECCA Arena / Radio City
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Young American
Grammy Awards
1975 - 1976
''Good Morning America''
Tom Kelley: session
Steve Schapiro sessions
The Man Who Fell to Earth
Thomas Jerome Newton
On the Film set
1976 - 1977
Second USSR visit
The Thin White Duke
Duke by Andrew Kent
Station to Station Tour
The Forum, Inglewood (LA)
Copenhagen, April 1976
Paris, May 1976
1977 - 1978
Photo sessions
Paris, June-July 1977
Christian Simonpietri: sessions
Low, Berlin & The Idiot Tour
Sukita: ''Heroes'' session
Bowie, Pop & Wood by Milton Greene
Marc Bolan / Bing Crosby
"Heroes" promotion
The Stage tour
Earls Court '78
Chicago, Arie Crown Theatre
1979 - 1982
Photo sessions
Brian Duffy: sessions
Japan, 1980
Just a Gigolo

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